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Is SSDT ready for Visual Studio 2017 RC already? (Tooling Series)


At the moment of writing, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017 RC (Release Candidate) a week ago. It has been the fourth release of a Visual Studio 2017 “preview” since November 2016.
The final release is planned for the first half of 2017 (source: Redmond Channel Partner website)
Time to see what’s in the box!
And I am especially interested in how will it cooperate with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

Download and installation

Visual Studio 2017 RC1 can be downloaded here. It’s a webinstaller, so during installation it will download the components you have selected.
Installation is quite straightforward.
A quiet install (with my Powershell script) does not work yet, I did not put effort in it to find out why.
I just started the executable for a normal install.
The number of Components you can install is impressive.

Installable parts of Visual Studio 2017 ..

I have selected Data storage and processing and .NET desktop development (for my open source console applications).
After selection they appear in the summary on the right (see picture below).

Installation summary ..

The installation doesn’t take too long; I did not use a stopwatch, but think it took about 10 to 15 minutes.

What draws the attention?

I have choosen the blue color theme, and Visual Studio 2017 looks very similar to Visual Studio 2015.

Choosing the color theme ..

What is new is a Visual Studio Installer shortcut in the “Apps” of Windows.

Visual Studio Installer shortcut ..
You can use it to modify your installation easily.

Visual Studio Installer screen ..

However slightly out of scope, I couldn’t help that I wanted to open one of my console apps, SQLAgentJobStarter, in this version to check if any upgrade or modification would be necessary. And the answer is: no. It just opens.
What draws my attention are features in the editor that in the past could only be achieved with third party tools. For example a code change is suggested, and the preview of the change is shown before you apply it. Useful!

Visual Studio suggests code changes and shows a preview of the change ..

Is SSDT ready for Visual Studio 2017?

No. Sorry.
I downloaded Download SQL Server Data Tools (17.0 RC1), the description says “Includes support for SQL Server vNext CTP1, but not recommended for production use.”.
Apparently it is more related to “SQL Server vNext” (SQL Server 2018?) than to “Visual Studio vNext”.
And it’s just SSDT for Visual Studio 2015.
It’s doesn’t even install, probably because VS 2015 is not installed.

SSDT (17.0 RC1) does not install ..

But is this bad? Again, a no. Just have some patience.
SSDT has a different release cycle than Visual Studio. On Microsoft’s SSDT blog there is no news on any SSDT activity for VS 2017.
I have read on some forum (sorry could not find the link anymore) that it usually takes a few months after a new release of Visual Studio before an update for SSDT will become available.

Conclusion / Wrap up

So, you could already install VS 2017, but for BI projects (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) you will still have to use SSDT for VS 2015.
Visual Studio 2017 is expected to be released in the first half of 2017, you have to add a few months for SSDT.

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    Quiet install of SQL Server + SP1 + all tools (SQL Server Series)


    Due to some serious trouble with my SQL Server 2016 Virtual Machine I had to reinstall SQL Server + SP1 + SSMS + Visual Studio 2015 + SQL Server Data Tools again on an older backup of the Virtual Machine.
    So the article I had planned next is delayed.
    But my bad luck was still inspiration for this unplanned article.


    How can I do quiet installations of SQL Server 2016 including all service packs and tools?


    So what I want to do is install the following products with minimum effort and user interaction after each other, in the Netherlands we would say “gewoon, omdat het kan” (this means something like “just because it is possible”):

    1. SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition RTM
    2. SQL Server 2016 SP1
    3. SQL Server Management Studio 2016
    4. Visual Studio Community 2015
    5. SQL Server Data Tools

    The structure of this article will be practical and straight forward.
    For each program to install I will give comments and details about the command line options, one or more external references for more info when required, and a location to download the software.

    A few common remarks that are applicable to all programs:

    • I have chosen for “unattended but visible” installations when possible. This means there is no user interaction required, but you can see what is happening.
      These switches are either called /qs or /passive.
    • Before doing an unattended install you have to download all media. I mounted one ISO (SQL Server) as DVD drive in my Hyper V Virtual machine, and copied the other setup files into a Virtual harddisk X. (e.g. mounted the downloaded ISO file of SSDT and copied the files to X:\Install\SSDT).
    • Also /norestart is used whenever possible. Not because I do not want to reboot, but because the reboot is taken care of in the Powershell script (using shutdown -r -t 0), so I can first create an empty dummy file. When this file exists, the script knows that the setup has already run.
    • And last but not least: I think it is appropriate to thank Microsoft Corporation. All those software above is FOR FREE now (but please do respect the sometimes limiting license terms)! This is heaven for any developer just to play around without any license cost. So: Microsoft, a sincere Thank You.

    Finally a PowerShell script (download the script here) is used that calls all installers, one after the other. You can choose to reboot inbetween, and then run the same script again.

    SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition RTM

    Comments and command line options

    Two things are important here, you must add /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS and you must have a ConfigurationFile that specifies all the details for the installation.
    The simplest way to obtain a ConfigurationFile is to start the setup manually and walk through the wizard until it is ready to install. Then a path to the ConfigurationFile.ini is shown.
    Save this file and you can use it for future installations.

    To make the configuration file suitable for a “progress only” installation, set QUIETSIMPLE=”True”.
    Also put a semicolon in front of UIMODE to make it comment, because it is not possible to use QUIET or QUIETSIMPLE together with UIMODE.
    mssql-e07-472Changes needed in the SQL Server Configuration File ..

    External references

    Install SQL Server 2016 Using a Configuration File.

    Where to download

    SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition Download (Microsoft Account required).

    SQL Server 2016 SP1

    Comments and command line options

    While writing this article I noticed that on the page above the installation media of SQL Server 2016 is also available including SP1, so in that case you do not need to download SP1 seperately.
    If you need SP1, e.g. because you have existing installation media (maybe other than Developer Edition) the following can be said about the command line options:
    I have used /action=Patch /allinstances /qs /IAcceptSQLServerLicenseTerms.
    If you not want to do all instances on a server, check the external references below for more info.

    External references

    Silent install info on Technet.

    Where to download

    Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1) download.

    SQL Server Management Studio 2016

    Comments and command line options

    The command line options used are /install /passive /norestart.

    External references

    Performing a Silent Install of SQL Server Management Studio (2016) by Sven Aelterman.

    Where to download

    Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

    Visual Studio Community 2015

    Comments and command line options

    Microsoft recommends to install Visual Studio 2015 before SQL Server Data Tools, as follows:
    “We recommend installing Visual Studio 2015 prior to applying this update. Installing this update will replace SSDT RTM in Visual Studio 2015 with the latest version.
    If you do not have Visual Studio 2015, SSDT will install the Visual Studio 2015 Integrated shell and Visual Studio 2015 Isolated shell with limited feature support for SQL Server Database and BI Projects.”

    I like to install Visual Studio, so I can do other stuff like creating console applications. If you are sure you will only use the Business Intelligence “Suite” you could skip installing Visual Studio.
    The command line options used are /Passive /NoRestart /Log “X:\Install\VSTUD_LOG\VSTUD.log”.
    These options lead to an installation of about 7.2 GB.
    It is best to provide a logfile name in a seperate “dedicated” folder, because not one, but hundreds of logfiles are created. I created the folder before manually. I have not tested (sorry, forgot) if the setup would create the folder if it would not exist.

    I must warn you also that the command line option /Full leads to a massive install of about 56 GB and takes quite a long time. Because the default installation installs all I possibly need I did not use /Full.

    mssql-e07-464When you run vs_community.exe /? you get an overview of the command line parameters.

    External references

    Using Command-Line Parameters to Install Visual Studio.
    How to: Create and Run an Unattended Installation of Visual Studio.
    Install Visual Studio 2015.

    Where to download

    VS 2015 Community Edition download.

    SQL Server Data Tools

    Comments and command line options

    Hoorah, Microsoft ended the confusion and separate setups for SSDT (Visual Studio project type for Database projects) and SSDT-BI (formerly known as BIDS with project types for SSIS-, SSRS- and SSAS-development).
    The current installer contains both!
    One thing of the command line options really caught me and therefore a
    Do not use a / before the command line options INSTALLAS, INSTALLIS, INSTALLRS and INSTALLALL!
    However a slash is not shown in the help screen below, it is so easy to assume that a / is required (or overlook this on the help screen). Intuitively you would expect that all command line parameters start with /, but believe me I did this and both the installed software as the install log file proved that the options where not installed while I provided /INSTALLALL=1 as command line parameter.
    A line of the logfile: Condition ‘INSTALLIS = 1 OR INSTALLALL = 1’ evaluates to false.
    When I used INSTALLALL=1 as command line parameter, all Business Intelligence project types where installed!

    mssql-e07-463When you run SSDTSETUP.EXE /? you get an overview of the command line parameters.

    External references

    Blog article by Dandy Weyn.

    Where to download

    Download SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).
    SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio 2015.

    Using Powershell to install all

    Please note that the installation is not “fully” automated. After each reboot, you have to restart the Powershell script, and it will continue with the first program that is not installed yet.
    If you like, you could create a Windows Scheduled Task and start the script “with the highest privileges” after a reboot. I tried this but it seemed not to work very well, maybe I did something wrong.
    So I just start the script a few times manually after reboot, not a big deal IMHO (but of course this depends on how you intend to use the script).

    From a technical point of view, the comment in the script should help you further:
    mssql-e07-470“Help” section of the PowerShell script. Please read!

    mssql-e07-471The MAIN SCRIPT contains multiple of this kind of code blocks, for each installer one.

    mssql-e07-465Running the PowerShell script ..

    mssql-e07-466My Install folder with some “done” files ..

    mssql-e07-468Command-based dialog after an installation is completed ..

    mssql-e07-467Printscreen of installation in progress ..

    mssql-e07-469After installation both “SQL Server Data Tools 2015” and “Visual Studio 2015” are available as Apps on Windows Server 2012 R2. In my experience you can use both for all project types, however I tend to use Visual Studio ..

    Where to download

    Download the Powershell script here.

    (c) 2016 hansmichiels.com – Do not steal the contents – spread the link instead – thank you.